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How do i produce school chalk and how lucrative is it?

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Answered: Emmanuel Ikechukwu 24 days ago
. Interested in Health

Let me start by saying that school chalk production is a very simple and straight forward business. Anybody can learn the techniques and apply it successfully without supervision, for this singular reason, investors in school chalk production business are increasing on daily basis. School chalk production can be done in the comfort of your home. In fact personally use the space at my backyard for production. You don’t have to establish a factory, it’s a business you can start with little investment. The major equipment for school chalk production is the Chalk Moulding Machine which is primarily used for molding the chalk to give it its characteristic shape, size, and length.
RAW MATERIALS NEEDED FOR SCHOOL CHALK PRODUCTION 1) The Plaster of Paris or as it is generally called “POP” is the major raw
material for school chalk production. Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white
powder; scientifically called “Calcium Sulfate” that when mixed with
water, forms a quick-hardening paste. It is used in the arts for sculpting
and making casts, and in medicine for molding casts around broken
limbs. POP is warm to touch, and gives off heat when it comes in
contact with water. It comes in 40KG bag and is sold for between
N2500 and N3000, depending on your location. Below is a picture of a bag of pop.
2. Clean Water: water is a very important element in school chalk production, because it is used for mixing all the ingredients. 3) Colour (optional) : the desired colour is mixed with the water before pouring it into the POP/Calcium mixture at that stage in the production process. If you intend
to produce only white chalk, then you wouldn’t need to use colour. The type of
colour used is same type used in paint making. Just visit a paint seller or a paint producer and request for your desired colour. Some of them also sell Calcium since it is also used in paint production.

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