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How can I stop my WhatsApp friend from deleting a message he sent to me?

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Answered: Oluwayemi Bamikole 2 months ago

Very simple. Just download and make use of Gbwhatsapp.
With Gbwhatsapp, u get notified when a friend deletes a message, but then the message still remains in the chat.
Gbwhatsapp also has added features like, ability to view people's status without them knowing you viewed, meanwhile, if they view yours, you will know.
Gbwhatsapp also allows you to hide read notification, meanwhile, when people read your message, the blue tick will show but when you read theres, the blue tick wont show.
It has also allows you to password or hide a chat with a friend.
The best part is, the app is as free

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Answered: Abdullahi Salisu 2 months ago

By marking the message and deleting it 

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