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How can i make income as a student

please can someone help me with new ideas on how to have a source of income as a student?
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Answered: Wahab Oriade 15 days ago

Well you have the answer already. use everyknows effectively and see the results

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Answered: Anonymous 15 days ago gives various ways,  most of which are registering on sites that give various assignments for financial rewards ranging from paid to read emails,  to free lancing generally.  But each of these sites have their hidden disadvantages.  These include:

  1. Inaccessible paying methods eg PayPal and Payoneer.

  2. High rate of competition among users of these platforms.

  3. Crawling accruement or accumulation of your funds especially by paid to read email sites.  

So as a Nigerian student seeking an extra source of income, here are some tips:

  1. Register with Nigerian sites that pay you to read news daily.  The most popular of these is NNU. But I must warn that for you to be paid you need to refer some one to their site,  and then you must be patient in order to get your funds accumulate gradually.

  2. Look for and apply for shift jobs within your vicinity.  This will give you time to plan your schedule in line with your academic calendar. Most shift jobs are found within fast food entries or security agencies. 

  3. Learn a skill,  that will help in solving the needs of your colleagues around you.  For the female folk,  tailoring, hair making,  etc,  for the guys,  painting,  interior decoration, installation and repair of appliances, repair of phone or laptop devices and accessories, weekend jobs,  hired driving services, learning to use musical instruments, for which you could be invited to perform or help out at church services,  concerts,  etc for a fee.  Others include:

  4. Applying for and working as cable TV agents,  here you learn how to install their devices for interested  users for a fee. 

  5. Working as a part-time teacher in a secondary school or as a private tutor in a subject you have a good knowledge of. 

  6. Selling recharge cards to your colleagues and other acquaintances.  It could be at school,  at the hostel etc.                                                             The list is quite endless.  It all depends on your environment and how creative you can be.  All you need is determination, patience and a positive attitude. Never give up and always remember that the sky can be your  stepping stone. 

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