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Would you still love a man who sees nothing good in what you do?

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Answered: Anonymous 1 month ago

Yes, but to an extent. I can say he's my priorities and my life has been moving around him. but that doesn't mean I do not have the power to change my feelings.

I believe if he still have feelings for me, he should as well see other good sides of me to appreciate. Its better I let him go and move on with my life than depressing myself in the name of love. Although, it won't be easy for me. But the truth of the matter is that we are not compatible to each other and if I should continue I shall never be free and happy.

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Answered: Ani Anaka 1 month ago
. Interested in Meeting people, Females , Males

I wouldn't love a man who sees nothing good in me, it would be waste of time

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Answered: Uzor Jeffrey 1 month ago

the answer is simply no, because for the man you are nothing but a liability. its best to love someone who appreciates you 100%

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