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How To Sell a TV show Idea?

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Answered: Nombuso Shange 17 days ago

IndiePitch makes its inaugural launch, connecting independent writers, filmmakers and authors with their industry's top TV/Film executives across all media outlets now scouting original TV concepts, screenplays, movie pitches, TV pilot scripts, web-series and books-to-film for development and production. Get proof-of-review as executives and producers use our "mandate match" system connecting producers with projects possessing the most ideal elements of story and content.
They welcome submissions of original projects for review and consideration by their industry members scouting.
They scouting platform is unified by many of the TV/Film industry's top studios and production companies sourcing original projects for film, TV and digital entertainment, such as: Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox Television Studios, Paramount Digital Entertainment, UTA, CAA, Lionsgate, National Geographic Digital Media, Phoenix Pictures, Evolution Entertainment, CBS Studios International, Echo Lake Entertainment and hundreds of other film and television companies.

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