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Whois are Expects for TV show Ideas and How much they charge for advice or help?

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Answered: Nombuso Shange 17 days ago

Writers Making Connections- The TV Writers Vault has recently connected the following Writer/Creators with producers making contact requests after viewing their pitches: Stephanie Howell, Johnel Jackson, Dennis Brooks, Kelvin Hayes, Leslie Beaumont, Sarah Redfield, John Bates, Kat Carney, David Human, Stephanie Howell, Joyce E. Howard, Paul Kneusel, Raymond Salcedo, David Villanueva, Rachel Rowling, Letisha Jackson, Doneliya Deneva, Clinton Michael Williams, Jason Born, Matt McManus, Rebecca Fisher, Richard Byrd, Joseph Pignataro, Matt Kenyon, Jr. Chad Hancock, Allen Lyle, Tom Galt, Holly Dorff Long, Keith Moy, Gary Knight, Kari Doll, Logan Gaddis, Miguel Catellier, Eric MacDonald, John W. Bates, Alex Rudio, Kenneth Masler, Androcles Handy, Tom Lloyd, John Leslie Pointer, Damien Murray, Nicole Gentry, Ashley R. Dunleavy, Vivian Lopez, Crystal E. Melville, Jasmine Diaz, Michelle Reid, Shelly McElveen, Daryll Triplett, and Mary Jo Cranmore. These are just the most recent of more than 800 new writers discovered by Producers at the TV Writers Vault. Charges varies over expect.

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