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What is important to include and exclude to TV show idea pitch?

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Answered: Nombuso Shange 3 months ago

Ideas platform communicating: Each of their queries will be sent to they direct contacts (The Producers & Executives), making specific request for their consideration of the "featured project" (Your Project) mentioned in the query from the TV Writers Vault.It is a direct request for their solicitation of your project. Details of your project shared with them will include your Title, Genre, Logline (2 or 3 sentence description of your concept) and Your Direct Contact Information. You will be notified immediately of any response or request by any of the reviewing Executives or Producers. They also do a follow up one-week post query.
The Cost: $30 per project project inclusion in our query sent to approximately 40 of our direct executive contacts at major production companies and networks (25 producing unscripted projects, and 15 producing scripted projects).

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