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Taking surveys for cash in return is a waste of time. How and which sites pays reasonable pay?

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Answered: Nombuso Shange 17 days ago

I've seen a record-breaking high amount of surveys on PrizeRebel and don't miss out. Whether you take the surveys yourself or you earn money through referrals (who complete surveys!), you don’t want to miss your last chance for huge earning opportunities.
Tips for Survey Takers:
- Check in Monday- Friday for the most survey inventory - Don’t hesitate! When you see a survey pop up, take it before the quota gets filled and chances of qualification decreases. - Our best survey providers: Your Surveys,, and Tap Research - A friendly reminder: Take your time on surveys; do not speed through them and always be truthful in your answers. For more details on the best practices for taking surveys, read more trusted sites for surveys.

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