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How is APC going to survive beyond 2023?

Will the ruling All progressive congress be in power beyond 2023 even after buhari had retired to Daura..
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Answered: Faith Oyibotie 2 months ago

I'd rather you ask how Nigerians will survive from now till 2023 under the tenure of a combination of Oshiomole,  Tinubu and the rest of the cabal.  Since its now glarimg its not Buhari that makes major decisions.  

Well the answer is simple,  "To your tents,  oh Israel"

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Is a lady that called her future mother in law a witch marriage able?
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Answer added . Politics
Is it true that INEC credited invalid votes to Buhari?
Answered by Faith Oyibotie 2 months ago

Well,  it was obvious inec did.  First,  everyone knows the election is far from credible.  Even APC supporters and Buhari himself w...... (More)
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‘Use Tithe to Pay Me Off, Mini-Pricked Pastor’ – Cossy Orjiakor Tells Apostle Suleiman
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Controversial Nollywood actress took to her instagram to comment and call out the General Oversea of Omega Fire ministry. she alegedly asked him to use ...... (More)
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What can you buy with 5 Naira
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Answer added . Politics
Why did Atiku walked away from yesterday debate?
Answered by Wisdom Warmate 4 months ago

Atiku was not really confident of himself, because the absence of the president couldn't have prevented the debate from going  on,  moreover t...... (More)
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Answer added . Politics
Why are most Nigerians (not all though) unpatriotic.
Answered by Ihaza Omokaro 4 months ago

There are several factors that can be identified as reasons why most Nigerians are not patriotic... 1. We don't see ourselves as Nigerians first be...... (More)
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