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Which club do you think will make the top four in the english premier league

Which club among chelsea, arsenal, totenham and manchester united do you think will make the top four this season?
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Answered: Ani Anaka 2 months ago
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Man City
Man United

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Answered: Femi Michael Adebayo 2 months ago

Man city, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester united

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Answered: precious eyo 2 months ago


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Is Atiku Abubakar a genius?
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Answer added . Sports and football
Who is on the move for January transfer window?
Answered by doubra emmanuel 4 months ago

 giving this details coz am a man u fan........ biggest name on our list. The world's most expensive player at the time of joining Manchester Unite...... (More)
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Post created . Politics
Osinbajo forced to speak with Abuja residents after they blocked his convoy (Video)
Published 07 May

The Vice president of Nigeria professor Yemi Osibanjo was forced to stop and have a little interaction with residents of abuja after they block him from...... (More)
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Which hosting site is the best in Nigeria and why would you like to recommend it for someone?
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Answer added . Sports and football
Which club is likely to take the UCL cup?
Answered by Uzor Jeffrey 2 months ago

For me i will say its Barcelona or Manchester City,this two clubs are really in their best form now with dedicated and hardworking coaches to support them.... (More)
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Answer added . Sports and football
Is Fabregas bidding farewell to England?
Answered by Osunla Kolawole Joshua 4 months ago

He had actually bid farewell to England already. He gave his farewell speech to his teammates after the game on Saturday and on Sunday he flew to France...... (More)
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