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How Do Prisoners Satisfy their Urge?

Have been thinking about this, how do male and female prisoners satisfy their sex urge
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Answered: Anonymous 2 days ago

Originally answered by Larry Histon, inmate San Quentin State Prison on  How do guys in prison deal with sexual urges? Do heterosexual men engage in sex acts with one another?
I dealt with my sexual urges through prayer in the county jail just prior to transport to prison. God has been faithful. I still appreciate the beauty and scent and sexiness of a woman. But I am not willing or tempted to cross the line for a substitute.
Many guys in prison resort to artificial means to satisfy their sexual urges. Pornographic books and pictures are readily available if a person is willing to accept an artificial orgasm. I have been blessed to know that everything still works, and I won't need any help (i.e. Viagra or anything else) to be able to function with my future mate.

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Answered: Onyekwelu Ebederobinson 14 hours ago

since,every prisoner is bound by state laws and confined in  a restricted  prison,most inmates may resort to masturbation and use of porn  related materials to satisfy their sexual urge.another ugly  trend that might occur is a lot of in mates might resort to gay activities and thus may jeopardise the worsening sexual situation in the prison.but the best option to solve sexual deficits in the prison is to allow conjugal visits for in mates that have wives or partners,as this will help to make the inmates to at least  be humans while in custody.

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