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Working for a private sector or working for yourself?

Which one is more advisable, working for a private sector or working for yourself?
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Answered: Justice Cole 10 days ago
Works as a student

It all depends on the private sector and your own capability. I had a friend who makes 50k or more in a month just by repairing laptop. He applied for a computer engineering job that it salary scale is between 40 - 50k. When he heard about the salary from the HR manager, without wasting time, he rejected the offer to continue working for himself

In another context, there could be one, who doesn't make upto 20k in a month. If such offer came, there is 90‰ tendency that he will accept the offer

As for me, I would like to work for myself....

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Answered: Habeeb Toyosi 5 days ago

I would rather work for myself and create a blog to earn me money on a daily basis like

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