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How to know original or fake Power Bank?

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Answered: Salim Korau 12 days ago

There are quite few ways to tell or identify fake or original Power Bank

In Summary
It has no Brand Name: Some power banks in the market has no brand name, instead what is written on them is just "Power Bank". Don't go for them! There are many branded ones you can checkout for. Example are those from Xiaomi, Anker, Jackberry, iMuto, iceworks, MaxOak, Qi-infinity and so on.

Exaggerated Ratings: Many power banks that are rated above 30,000mAh capacity are usually fake except those from popular brands.

Lite Weight: Most fake Power banks weighs very lite. You will see a power bank with 50,000mAh capacity weighing very lite and even fancy looking and easy to put inside pockets. My dear, it's fake. An original 50,000mAh supposed to be decently heavy and bulky.

They are Very Cheap: Most fake power banks are very cheap, in fact, their prices are too good to be true. You will see a seller pressuring you to buy 30,000mAh capacity powerbank for just N3,000.

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Answered: Uzor Jeffrey 12 days ago

and heat up alot

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Answered: Oyebamiji Oluwasegun 11 days ago

A low weight would be a clue, but the same weight is inconclusive.  Opening it up and looking for data printed on the battery or brand names on the circuit boards would be useful. 

If capacity is all you need to measure rather than verifying a brand, a timed discharge test into a known load (or a battery analyzer) is the best way to measure actual mAh capacity.  With a wide margin like 3 vs 12 Ah, no precision is needed.  See how many times it charges, or half-charges, your phone or computer.

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Answered: Habeeb Toyosi 5 days ago


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