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Question Added . Jobs/vacancies
Working for a private sector or working for yourself?
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Answer added . Business and trade
What business ideas do you have that you might never execute?
Answered by Mkpouto Asanammy 4 months ago

A cheap hostel facility in Lagos is one business I don't understand why no business person has thought of. Lagos is the hub of buiness and corporate job...... (More)
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Post created . Entertainments
I Feel So Bad when people say I look older than my age – Vandora says
Published 04 May

Former Bbnnaija and beauty queen Vandora took to her Instagram page to share her ordeal, revealed that it really hurts her when people say she looks old...... (More)
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Question You May Like to Answer

Question Added . Culture and arts
Why should we know our mother's real age?
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Answer added . Business and trade
Is Dangote the richest man in nigeria?
Answered by Emmanuel Ikechukwu 3 months ago
. Interested in Health

No Dangote is not the richest man in Nigeria rather He's  legally the richest man in Nigeria.The richest men in Nigeria are the Politicians but we ...... (More)
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Answer added . Business and trade
What is the first step in starting a business?
Answered by Wahab Oriade 3 months ago

The first step is making your research on profitability and getting a suitable location for your business activities. You should then sou...... (More)
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