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Question Added . Politics
Would You collect money if given to you by politicians to vote for them.
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Answer added . Relationship
Where is the best place to find a good wife?
Answered by Christopher okafor 4 months ago

It doesn't really matter where you find your dream girl, it could be anywhere even in a club. Destiny only brings both of you together... (More)
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Post created . Education
Minimum Wage: FG Increases NYSC Allowance to N30,000
Published 17 May

The Federal Government has increased the monthly allowance of members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to 30,000.https://www.correct...... (More)
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Question Added . Entertainments
If ask to rate J Cole and Kendrick Lamar 0/10, how would rate both beings against each others?
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Answer added . Relationship
What would you do if your spouse insults you in front of his family?
Answered by Ojo Oladimeji 2 months ago

It takes a mature and well articulated person to understand that some people can't control their emotions when they're furious, so the best thing is to ...... (More)
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Answer added . Relationship
What are the important things to consider while choosing a wife?
Answered by Grace Ilube 4 months ago
Travel consultancy . Interested in Life hacks, travel and tourism, fashion, family, business,

Things to consider are many but special attention should be on very salient areas. First off the individual should be highly tolerant and forgive easily...... (More)
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