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Why Tyrant Season 4 was canceled

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Answered: Linda Ebere 1 month ago
Writer at EveryKnows (2018-present)

This article has the most up-to-date info on the status of Tyrant season 4 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you in the know.

Unfortunately, FX has officially canceled the series. There will be no season 4. Series production info and plot Tyrant is a family drama and political thriller created by Gideon Raff (Prisoners of War, Homeland) and developed by Howard Gordon and Craig Wright. The series is produced by Teakwood Lane Productions, Keshet Broadcasting, FXP and Fox 21 Television Studios and has originally premiered on FX in June 2014.

The third installment of Tyrant contains 10 episodes and premiered on July 6, 2016. The story of Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) is at the heart of the plot. He is one of two sons of a tyrant in an unnamed country in the Middle East, who has been trying to escape his past for decades. Now a US pediatrician with an American wife and kids and no plans to return to his previous life, Bassam is forced by circumstances to return home for a relative’s wedding. He is immediately drawn into a political intrigue that quickly turns into a serious crisis, and before it goes any further, he has to act decisively. Criticism and renewal potential The series looked very promising due to its immediate relevance to current events, but, according to many critical reviews, failed to deliver the drama, and to create a compelling set of characters or a convincing portrayal of the Middle Eastern politics or society.

The series originally premiered to 2.1 million viewers, and the second season debuted with an audience of 1.06 million, which turned out to be the season low. The current chapter opened with a similar 1.04 million viewer audience, but immediately adjusted down to an average of 0.74 million viewers. The show has a 7.9/10 IMDb score, and has had decent reviews from the viewers on the review aggregator websites. No word has come from FX regarding the future of Tyrant, so please stay tuned for announcements. Season 3 recap On September 7, 2016 the third and final season of FX's Middle East-set political thriller Tyrant has concluded its broadcast. Episode 10 which served as the series finale, “Two Graves”, aired to an audience of 0.72 million viewers, which is merely a half of last season's average.

A desert war waged between the Caliphate and Abuddin serves as the backdrop to one of the darkest episodes of the series, which leaves Abuddin's future uncertain. Many of the industry experts expressed surprise at the recent cancelation of the series., yet the ratings dynamic over the course of the series' run pointed to this unseemly end. Fox 21, the production company behind the series, is said to be looking for a way to keep the show in production, but for now its future prospects remains unclear. Should it find a home at a different network, we will be sure to inform you. Latest news  UPDATED September 8, 2016: On the day of Tyrant's season 3 finale FX has announced the cancelation of the series. The show is set to conclude due to the catastrophic three-fold ratings decline over the course of its three-season run, so its potential did not seem particularly strong to the network officials. Tyrant has run its course, and we are grateful for the stories that it has managed to tell. Farewell, Tyrant.

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