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What is the name of the man that God anoint to Marry a harlot in the Bible?

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Answered: Femi Ekundayo 2 months ago
Student . Interested in Reading, joking

a prophet

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Question Added . Science
what could possibly be the cause of blur camera in a phone
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Answer added . Religion
Which day is the Sabbath day? Saturday or Sunday
Answered by Bunu Helix 5 months ago

Sabbath day is Saturday because even in the bible, it stated that God rested in the 7th day and not the first day .... Sunday is the beginning of a new ...... (More)
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Post created . Politics
Just in: Suspected Kidnappers of Buhari’s ADC’s father-in-law Has Been Arrested.
Published 02 May

The Katisna state police command have arrested the suspected kidnappers of the Magajin Garin Daura, Alhaji Musa Uba, the father-in-law to President Buha...... (More)
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Question Added . Family
What is the best way to avoid family problems?
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Answer added . Religion
For Christians - Is Mary the mother of God?
Answered by Oluwasola Sarah 2 months ago
Teaching, acting, Couture, play writing. . Interested in Acting, scripts writing, compere.

No. She is not. Though Jesus came to the world through her, (and Jesus is God), to thta does not still make her the mother of Jesus. The pregnancy was t...... (More)
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Answer added . Religion
What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
Answered by Timothy John 5 months ago

Muslims believe that Jesus is a messenger of God(prophet).According to Muslims Jesus was never crucified neither did he resurrected.... (More)
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