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How can I index my website on search and what is the usefulness of it?

Please can you explain to how and why should I index my website on search engine.? 

Thanks in antispation 
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Answered: Clement Ndukwe 9 days ago
Studying Computer Engeering at Federal University of Technology, Akure

Indexing your website to search engines is useful if you want your website to show up on search results when people search for your website or search on your keywords. It improves your SEO (Search Engine optimization) which will lead to Increase in sales and increase visitors as well. Website can be index using sitemaps and also making sure that the Webpage does not have 'noibdex' robots. For this prevents any of your Webpage from indexing You can as well use Google webmaster tool to monitor how your webpages are index and also check if anything is blocking your website from index

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