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How to clone Sim card?

How to clone Sim card using phone number 
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Answered: Anonymous 1 month ago

Cloning a SIM card using SIM Cloning Tool – Mobiledit Forensic? Check the following steps:

Step 1: Download the software to your computer.

Step 2: Remove the SIM card from the device.

Step 3: Insert it to the SIM Card Clone Device and connect it to the computer.

Step 4: Run the SIM Clone tool from the main toolbar. The SIM Clone window will appear and you are ready to clone the SIM card.

Step 5: Click on the Read SIM button to read the content of the original SIM card. The data will be read and you can choose which data you wish to copy.

Step 6: When the writable SIM card is inserted, Write SIM button will be enabled. Wait until the process is done.

clone a SIM card using SIM Cloning Tool

Part 2: How to clone SIM card using programmable cards
A SIM cloning can serve as a backup in case you lose or steal your mobile phone, or given the circumstances in which you need to solve problems related to the space of the calendar, text messages or others. Here we will teach you to use programmable cards to clone a SIM card but first, we want to explain to you that not all SIM cards can be cloned, just check the following differences:
  1. COMP128v1: this kind of cards can be cloned easily.
  2. COMP128v2: this contains a secure firmware making the cloning a really hard work.

To perform this task, you will need certain components such as the following:

1. Blank SIM programmable Cards: These cards do not have phone numbers and you can purchase them online.

2. A SIM Firmware Writer: It allows you to copy many different numbers to one SIM card.

3. Download Woron Scan: Software for Reading

4. The target’s SIM for at least 30 minutes.

Now, proceed to follow the next steps to know how to clone a SIM card with a programmable card:

Step 1: connect the SIM Reader, install the Woron software and get the target’s SIM.

Step 2: Configure the software to clone SIM card.

Step 3: Run the IMSI Search. When the results appear, write them down and proceed to start the ICC Search and also write down the ICC number.

clone SIM card using programmable cards

Now Run the KI search and after it finishes, remove the target’s SIM card.

clone SIM card-Run the KI search

Step 4: Now is necessary to download the software SIM-EMU to write settings on Blank SIM Card, so insert it and wait a moment and run SIM-EMU and go to configure tab and add all the info obtained from the Woron scan process such as IMSI, KI, ICC and for the rest info, add:

For ADN/SMS/FDN# (ADN= Abbreviated Dialing No./

SMS = No. of SMSes stored on SIM /

FDN = Fixed Dialing No.) Enter: 140 / 10 / 4

For the phone number, it should be with an International Format, for example: for Argentina +54 (the international code) 99999999999 (the number)

clone SIM card-write settings on Blank SIM Card

Step 5: Let The Writing Begin, Select the Write To Disk button and Name the File: SuperSIM.HEX. A write EEPROM file window will appear. Name the EEPROM file SuperSIM_EP.HEX and click the Save button.

clone SIM card-Name the File

Step 6: Now We Flash the files on Blank SIM Card so install the card that came with the card writer and adds the required files in the appropriate fields

clone SIM card-install the card

Step 7: run the writing task, Click on done when it has completed and the SIM cloning is ready.

clone SIM card-SIM cloning is ready

Part 3: How to clone SIM card using IMSI and Ki number?
The SIM card does not contain any phone numbers inside, but rather it is an ID number that helps to identify it in the device corresponding operator. The ID number inside the SIM is called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and is important because it will help the cloned SIM to function properly.

Another important data to extract from the original SIM is the Ki (Authentication Key), which as its name indicates, will serve to authenticate as a subscriber at an operator. Through this authentication, the operator will ensure that the IMSI and other SIM information, are correct and are part of a valid card so you can clone SIM card.

Let’s see how to clone a SIM card using Android using IMSI and KI number:

Step 1: Turn off the device > Remove the battery > Remove the SIM card > Copy the IMSI number that appears on the SIM card.

Step 2: Insert the SIM Card Reader into the SIM card slot (you can buy it online).

Step 3: Connect the SIM card reader to your SIM and to your computer so the KI number will copy the contents. When the process finishes, the new SIM will be a twin card. Put it on your device and turn it on again to use.

clone SIM card using IMSI and Ki number

There is a way to add several phone numbers to a single SIM, something that can facilitate the task of exchanged SIM on your mobile every time you want to use a different one. Also, the numbers that you are going to unify but it does not mean will be from the same operator.

There is also a method contrary to the above, where you can add the same phone number in several SIM, wherein you can benefit from having the same phone number on different devices. For example, that in your car you have a hands-free device that uses your own SIM, instead of having to exchange the SIM of your mobile with the hands-free, you can only clone the same number to use in both terminals with different SIM, just follow the steps in this article to clone SIM card easily.

footnote: wondershare - 3 Ways to Clone SIM Card In Easy Steps

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How to clone Sim card?
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Cloning a SIM card using SIM Cloning Tool – Mobiledit Forensic? Check the following steps: Step 1: Download the software to your computer. Step ...... (More)
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