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Acquiring education is it a prerequisite to be wealthy?

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Answered: Anonymous 30 days ago

Acquiring education is integral in becoming wealthy. Let's look at the background of the wealthiest black man, Alinko Dangote. If not that he acquired education do you think he would have been known globally? Do you think  he would been going to world universities teaching entrepreneurship without being educated?  Education activates the potential in us, especially in this global world. Education gives us the managerial insight. Having no education is like telling a blind man to walk down the road without a support. Therefore, acquiring education is prerequisite to be wealthy.

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Answered: Salim Korau 24 days ago

No, it's only a way to manage how you live in your soroundings. 

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HOW CAN A STUDENT INCREASE HIS IQ? As a student the need for high understanding or assimilating capacity cannot be overemphasized; as it is fundamentall...... (More)
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What is your most embarrassing moment writing JAMB CBT exam?
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entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

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What is the latest update on ASUU strike?
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