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Why Eating A Dead Animals

A dead whale was found at the shore of Magbon Segun beach, and was seriously smelling like something that died four days ago. Surprisingly, people went there with knives to cut the part the want and took it home to cook without knowing the cause of the died whale.
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Answer added . Health
Have your private parts ever been examined by a doctor of the opposite gender?
Answered by Oluwasola Sarah 3 months ago
Teaching, acting, Couture, play writing. . Interested in Acting, scripts writing, compere.

Yes, time without number when I was pregnant. At first, I was feeling so shy for a male doctor to put his hand into my private part in order to check ho...... (More)
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Post created . Education
UTME 2019: Massive Failure Hits UTME 2019, Candidates Reacts
Published 11 May

Following the release of 2019 UTME today being saturday,Nigerians and their Families who took part in the exam has taken to social media to re...... (More)
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Question Added . Relationship
What should a lady do to get a husband quickly?
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Answer added . Health
What natural remedies are there for anal itching?
Answered by Dogara Gayesu 1 month ago

Home remedies and self-care Avoid highly seasoned and spiced foods, and maintain a regular bowel habit. Keep the anal area clean after emptying the bow...... (More)
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Answer added . Health
What would happen if we didn't sleep?
Answered by Egbo Emmanuel 5 months ago
Medical Student

sleep deprivation is very dangerous to anyone, it's consequences are numerous, including health impairments like heart failure, heart attack, high blood...... (More)
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