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Have you been looking for a Free HSE Training In Benin City ?

Kivos Research Group is putting up a Free 3-days HSE Training in Benin City for Small and Medium Cooperate establishments whose scope of activities requires the basic knowledge and skills of HSE.

This 3 days course would give participants a thorough understanding of safety and environmental management process through determining and applying appropriate standards and methods to identify and minimize the likelihood of accidents, injuries and environmental impact during projects and plant operations. Ultimately, the course would equip participants in analyzing and quantifying the hazards and risks to health, assets and environment in any organization’s business processes and help recommend appropriate control measures to reduce risks and guarantee safety of personnel, assets and the environment. It will also serve as an excellent foundational course for NEBOSH and IOSH certification courses.


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What is the major thing to consider before marrying outside your tribe
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Answer added . Health
Cesarean section: What could be done to prevent birth by operation
Answered by Linda Ebere 5 months ago
Writer at EveryKnows (2018-present)

In health seminars, people often ask this question ‘if there is way to avoid cesarean section’. I can’t assure anybody of that, but c-...... (More)
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Post created . Entertainments
I Give Up On Democracy in this country – Davido reacts to his Uncle’s Arrest
Published 07 May

Nigerian Talented hip pop Artist David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has reacted to the controversial arrest surrounding his Uncle since Osun state ...... (More)
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Question Added . Information technology
What are the different types of operating system?
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What are the possible side effects of Viagra
Answered by Anonymous 4 months ago

Viagra is used to treat erection problems in men, as it has an effect on the blood to the penis.Common side effect of Viagra are:Mild headacheNauseaFaci...... (More)
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Answer added . Health
What happens to us when we die?
Answered by Precious Amadi 5 months ago

The issue of after life has been a topic of discourse for a while.  The religious and those who aren't  have argued differently.The human is m...... (More)
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