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How can I travel for reduced ticket prices?

I am aware some people enjoy this, I'm curious as to how people fly for relatively low prices. 
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Answered: obicheozo emeka 17 days ago
Studied Computer Science at Imo State University Owerri . Interested in Artificial Intelligent, Mobile Applications, Sports and Politics

Do you mean within or outside Nigeria?Sorry, your question is not clear... You need to specify where you intend to travel to at a low cost. 

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Is Ghana ahead of Nigeria in all aspects
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i believe in nigeria,nigeria is made up of lots of natural resources than ghana we just need to rise up and shun corruption... (More)
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2019 UTME: 15-year-old boy From Abia State Scores Highest In 2019 UTME
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How can a foreign trained lawyer practice in Canada
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How is life in Lagos?
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