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Is Loom another version of MMM?

Loom has been trending online lately while some are sharing positive news about it and others are also sharing negative news about it also, so my question now is that; is Loom another version of the dead MMM?
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Answered: Anonymous 15 days ago

After the rise of MMM in Nigeria, there were so many MMM likes developed by Nigerians and other foreigners. These networks were abused by there various owners. People were duped.

I was once a victim. Imagine, when Twinkas was also booming, I invested 10k and goes just like that. 

So, I don't think there is any legit version of MMM cos at the beginning they will look real and in subsequent time, the become scam. In a nutshell, I have not tried LOOM and I will never it cos of my experience with others.

Do you know that. When I was in school, four boys built poxy network like MMM. You need to see how serious they were sharing testimonies in class. These boys has sweet mouth and if you are not careful you become a victim.

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Answered: Ugonna Ezelie 15 days ago

My people will never get tired of embracing another Ponzi network like MMM after loosing their hard-earn money on MMM. LOOM may be legit as promised, just like MMM did when it came out.

Critics has it that the scheme network is a SCAM. According to BBC news 'The pyramid scheme LOOM has been appearing in newsfeeds and circulating online over the past week, targeting people who may never have heard of them.

It's the latest in a number of get-rich-quick schemes which target young people under 30.

A scheme called "loom circle" or "fractal mandala" has seen people promised £1280 from a £160 investment.

It is an old-fashioned scam which has been re-packaged for a new generation .

What is new is the target market.

The scheme asks participants to pay £160 up front with the promise of making a return of eight times that amount.'

Cyber Scam Expert Scott McGready says this type of fraud is nothing new but people should report it

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Answered: Zubby Olabisi 12 days ago
Works as a student's tutor in mathematics . Interested in Technology, Mobile and football

What's there official website. IsitI or something else. Everyone is talking about Loom but noone has their official site. If it's, from what I discovere, it is a free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Where you can record your camera and screen with audio directly.

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Answered: Salim Korau 8 days ago

How can I join? I think it will be better I join now it has not crashed

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