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Do you think one can make N25,000 every 30 working days by investing your money?

Yes you can. There is a legitimate company in Ibadan that does so. I am not campaigning for this company but it's what I am earning apart from my poultry biz. The company is into security and investment, your money is invested with them for a year.The money invested there will be paid to you at the expiration of one year, but you register with N5000 naira and you renew with N5000 at every renewal.It's just like buying shares with them. A unit share is N75000, 2unit shares is 150000.
On that of N75000, you get N25000 return paid into your account every 30 working days(excluding holidays). For N150000, its N50000 every 30 working days. You sign some documents with them, they too will sign. You get your own copy of agreement with the receipt of your purchase. 
I have my agreement documents with me and bank alert of my payments with me on my phone.
If you are interested, comment here and I will give you the website of the company. Please,its not a referral program.
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Which club do you think will make the top four in the english premier league
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Answer added . Business and trade
What sort of business should a graduate be involve in while still searching for job
Answered by Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

you can go into cloth business,shoe/footwear buisness,gambling/gaming center,selling of make-up kits, cream,perfume etc. you can buy okrika cloth,footwe...... (More)
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F*uck you & F*uck your freaking sanction in your Butt hole – Tonto Dike Blasts Actors Guild of Nigeria
Published 04 May

Recall that Board of Directors of ( AGN) Actotrs Guild of Nigeria Has sent a warning to Tonto Dikeh about Her recent out burst with the issue she has wi...... (More)
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Where and how can I get loan without collateral
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Is furniture making business lucrative in Nigeria?
Answered by Ugonna Ezelie 4 months ago

Yes, the business is very lucrative. Before you start, these are what you need to know:Pick A NicheJust like other businesses that require you focusing ...... (More)
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How to open Public Limited Company in Nigeria?
Answered by Mike JohnPaul 2 days ago
Legal practitioner, Mortgage Banking

To set up Public Limited enterprise all you have to do is to proceed on  It is a website of the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commissi...... (More)
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