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Question Added . Science
have you seen this site before ?
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Answer added . Business and trade
Is furniture making business lucrative in Nigeria?
Answered by Ugonna Ezelie 4 months ago

Yes, the business is very lucrative. Before you start, these are what you need to know:Pick A NicheJust like other businesses that require you focusing ...... (More)
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Post created . Family
Chris Attoh’s Wife Was Allegedly killed by Her Drug Lord Ex Husband In Jail(details)
Published 12 May

Ghanaian Actor Chis Attoh’s wife was shot dead in Maryland USA on Friday evening by unknown Gunmen,yet reports reaching us says Accordin...... (More)
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Question Added . Law
What are the rules that apply to determine if an item is part of land or not
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Answer added . Business and trade
Is Loom another version of MMM?
Answered by Ugonna Ezelie 15 days ago

My people will never get tired of embracing another Ponzi network like MMM after loosing their hard-earn money on MMM. LOOM may be legit as promised, ju...... (More)
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Answer added . Business and trade
Which lucrative business can someone do with #400,000 in Nigeria?
Answered by Mirian Alexandra 9 days ago

With 400k one can startup a small boutique business. You can look for a small shop in the city where monthly rate is 10k. beg the landlord/landlady...... (More)
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