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How did Linda Ikeji became a successful blogger?

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Answered: Salim Korau 7 days ago

There are factors that played major roles in making Linda Ikeji’s Blog successful. But the major factor is “Consistency”.

Linda Ikeji started blogging when there was no competition in Nigeria blogosphere. As at then, there was no serious blogs online to serve Nigerians with Entertainment news and stories except Bellanaija and few other blogs that  doesn't update their blog often.   

In her own case, she was very consistent over the years, and not letting off even when she wasn't making money out of it. Yet she keeps pushing. She passionately and patiently blog for more than 4 years before she became successful with her blog.

Two (2) other common factors that made her blog to be more successfully than others could be traced from

  1. Huge Followers

To break it down, those days Linda started blogging was when she grew her social media followers and mail lists. Linda don’t really get reasonable proportion of her visitors from search engines but from Nigerian youths who have been following her blog’s updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mails due to their keen interest in Entertainment updates and gossips. These followers are the ones pushing her blog up.

  1. Blog Age

Google or other search engines respect Blogs with authority. Linda’s blog have stayed for more than 6 years now and her content database is huge with unique content.

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Answered: Anonymous 6 days ago

No long story. Consistency vs Commitment = Success  
That is how this young woman made it to the top as a blogger.

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Answered: Aloysius Mbaba 1 day ago

I will give a straight forward answer. There are many factors that contribute to the success of the beloved Nigerian superblogger, Linda. I will name a few. First is the fact that there wasn't alota  competition at the time when she started, so it was easy to get subscribers to her blog. Another important factor is the type of content (or information), she publishes on her blog, i.e celebrity gists, news etc, which are the type of content most people are interested in. I will say that  these factors more than her determination made her what she is today. Quite obvious is the fact that if she had focus on a blogging niche most are not interested in, or began at a time when the heat of blogging competition was at it peak, she wouldn't have been as successful as she is today. Another factor is that she chose a niche she loved. As a blogger focusing on a niche you love will make you work with passion and that Will ensure your success almost more than anything. Thanks Readers

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How did Linda Ikeji became a successful blogger?
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There are factors that played major roles in making Linda Ikeji’s Blog successful. But the major factor is “Consistency”. Linda Ikeji ...... (More)
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