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How much does Nigerian bloggers earn?

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Answered: Anonymous 6 days ago

Many Nigerians have turned to blogging as a means to earn decent money online. Today, Nigerians are the most successful bloggers in Africa.

There are different types of blogs you can get in Nigeria that receives lots of traffic and rank higher in search engines, such as Linda Ikeji blog, BellaNaija, Naij and many others.

Nigerian bloggers make money just like the way every other successful website or blog owners makes money online. In our recent research using Enklab Data Analysis, we discovered that most bloggers in Nigeria earns money more from Google Adsense, Sponsored Posts and Customs Ads.

According to reports, one of the most successful blogger in Nigeria, in the person of Ifeoma Linda Ikeji makes noting less than $50,000 in her blog from Google Adsense. Her blog has larger audience from US, Nigeria and other European countries.

Read more: How Linda Ikeji became successful with her blog

Another sustaining income source from this great female blogger is the use of sponsored posts and Custom Ads. If you visit you will see that the content posts and custom ads there are in an ad-kind form from different partnerships. These Ads are place directly from different companies or agencies.

In a day you will be able to count upto 20 sponsored posts on her blog. Each post goes for 50,000 naira ($138) with no discount and 10–20 customs ad that should cost for 500,000 naira. That means in a day, she makes $2777 from sponsored posts and $5555 in a month.

That doesn't mean that other bloggers in Nigeria makes the same money with Linda’s blog. But most successful Nigerian bloggers earn 60% of what Linda Ikeji Blogs earns.

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Answered: Salim Korau 6 days ago

Not all Nigerians make money through blogging. Infact 80% of bloggers in Nigeria don't make money. 

For those who make money with their blog, they don't pin to one revenue stream. There are many options and where you stop is up to you. 

i know someone, who makes more than 5$ in a day just buy blogging in tech niche and was using affiliate marketing as the only revenue stream. 

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