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Webgeak mobile app 7.0

Published: webgeak 17 days ago

ebgeak app: Hello guys we are back now with new update on our app.we are really sorry for the delay on the maintenance we are fully back to update you now FEATURES OF WEBGEAK MOBILE APP Login page; To enjoy webgeak mobile app you must login or sign up for us to verify if you are not a robot. After the registeration you can access this features below Home: This is where you get update from our site and it display this anytime you open the the app All Post; This is where all our update(post) store for further use Profile: You can add some thing on your profile e.g image bio an you social media link. Chat: You can chat with another user here using voice video or text. Users: This is where all the people using our mobile app and you can chat with them also. Contact; This is a page for the ceo of webgeak for users incase you have any issue with the app or you want patner with with us in one way or the other. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD WEBGEAK MOBILE APP You can download it right here on our here to webgeak/a>

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