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EveryKnows Partner Program
We are pleased to share a new program that will financially reward our members who will be inspired to answer questions and make their answers available to everyone. EveryKnows Partner Program will compensate members for answering question(s) that really matters to many people who ask a vast number of questions every day. Insightful experts, students, graduates, middle-class or any person that has an average knowledge of any topic is free to join the EveryKnows Partner Program.

Is the partner program free?
Yes, the EveryKnows Partner Program is free of charge; you don’t need to pay any fee to participate.

How it works:
  1. Login or Signup on Everyknows
  2. Accept the EveryKnows Partner Program
  3. Post accurate, original and helpful answer to the questions. Let other members upvote your answer.
  4. Start earning on every of your answer with minimum votes of 10 upvotes.
Is my country eligible to participate?
Although we intend to expand the program to more countries, this is currently only available to members in Nigeria.

How much can you earn?
There's no limit to how much you can earn.
  1. 10 upvotes is N100 naira per answer
  2. 20 upvotes per answer = N200 naira
Your earnings depend on your upvotes. For example: If Mr A answered a question and recieved 1000 upvotes on that specific answer, automatically Mr A will be creadited with the sum of N10,000.
  • Tip: Answer more questions with nice descriptive images, promote and share your answers on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and google plus to increase your earnings.

  • How will I get paid to my bank account? Click here to learn more

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    Answering Rules
    1. All answers and images must be directly relevant to the question.
    2. Copy paste or duplicate answer is prohibited.
    3. Your answer must be original (Do not post editorial articles that may be published elsewhere).
    4. Affiliate links in answers, post or link to pornographic material is prohibited.
    5. Do not post racist, insults or personal attacks aimed at another member.
    6. Having multiple account is prohibited.
    7. Upvoting/Downvoting your own answer is prohibited.
    8. Short words on every answers to meet the minimum character count is not allowed (atleast 50 words or above is acceptable).

    Please read and observe our community rules, to avoid being banned.
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